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Professional timeline that mirrors the changes in the Web.

  • 2023+
    The Future

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    Infrastructure as code. I moved from VirtualBox/Vigrant to Docker, then progressed to Kubernetes for deployments. This provided a more accurate development environment and improved how you can test the whole system.

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    React/UIUX/Mobile Development

    Javascript and React provided a common coding paradigm for building frontend and mobile apps. React Native and Redux simplifies build natively for Android and iOS.

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    The Cloud - AWS

    Moving to the Cloud, simplied the maintance of the services as well as provided saving with share resources. From big providers like AWS to smaller providers like Linode and Digital Ocean.

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    Linux and Java Daze

    At the turn of the century, I was still installing software on bare metal and using plain on Javascript. And the MVC pattern still popular for server-side rendered html pages. I remembered regular visits to the COLO to update our servers.