8Ball Scorer App goes live on Apple iTunes
May 10, 2015

8Ball Scorer App goes live on Apple iTunes

Posted on May 10, 2015

I wrote and published an app for iOS. This was my first foray into iOS development.

The app helps you keep track of scoring for billiard league night. For an APA 8 Ball league night match, there are two teams of various skilled players ranked from 2 to 7. There are 5 matches per night and for each match the app will calculate the number of games each player must win, taking into account their handicap. The app also counts the number of innings and various actions that are recorded to maintain a correct handicap for each player.

In this free version, the app allows the user to create, modify teams and players. The app also switches to match tracking mode where it makes it easy for the scorekeeper to track game action.

The app is written with Swift v1.2.

You can find the app in the iTunes Store for a FREE download.